Ritmxoid Biorhythm Tool

Privacy Policy

1. "Ritmxoid" app does not require filling of real names, personal, financial or other sensitive information. Starting with version 2.4.0 "Ritmxoid" app encrypts traffic between the application and the server.

2. User data is not transferred to any third party person or organization.

3. Sign in via social networks is carried out by using the technology of Gigya company (http://gigya.com). "Ritmxoid" app does not have access to user authorization data (login, password) of these social networks.

4. The "Current biorhythm of caller" feature retains only the phone number of the caller, which is tied to the profile in "Ritmxoid" app for the implementation of this feature.

5. Developers are working hard to ensure safety when using the application, but do not guarantee protection from theft, loss or damage of the user data as a result of malicious acts, burglary, software decompilation, server failure or other force majeure.